12th February 2019


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“when I see these ridiculous stickers, I slow down and stay in the left lane.

“I pay road taxes like the rest. thank you for letting others id themselves as road raging speeders that I slow down and block.  spoke with a few people that target these speeders in the left lane also.”


This unedited email clearly demonstrates the kind of attitude which does absolutely nothing to help reduce what we call the “emotional temperatures” on today’s crowded highways.  In fact, it appears that “Knightmare” is an appropriate moniker for this person.

We can only wish s/he would consider the possibility that this kind of behavior potentially provokes other drivers, with foolish and dangerous actions being a likely response.  All of this could easily be prevented if “Knightmare” would simply move out of the way and let the other person pass.  Then we could all live to have pleasant dreams, instead.  [JAT]

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